Outlaw 3 Gun

The growing sport of 3 gun will test your marksmanship with rifle, pistol and shotgun. You will be challenged to solve problems under pressure often with the tool of your choice. If your interested in trying out a 3 gun competition then let our friendly match staff guide you through your first match. Are you an experanced competitor looking to see how your skills stack up? Come out and see if you have what it takes to put up a stage win!

This year we are running the annual Zombi Match (November 4th) a little different.
You must pre register on practiscore to be eligible for awards/prizes.
(each pre-register participant will receive a match bag valued at nearly $30.00)

This is the hardest match we have. All paper is head shots only.
There will be a shotgun jungle run with at least 25 targets. No shot larger than #7.5 for this.

All ammunition must come off you. No placing ammo along the way.
Be prepared for slug targets in the pistol bays. (pumpkins)
More details as they become available.

Match Dates

Matches are the 1st Saturday of every month (March thru December)


Outdoor Pistol Ranges

Entry Fee



Competitors will need a center fire pistol, 12ga or 20ga shotgun, and a carbine. Special divisions will be offered during the match for pistol only, PCC only, and two gun only.


Competitors will follow all safety rules. Long guns will require empty chamber flags. Everyone on the range will need to have eye and ear protection at all times. Safe area must be used during caseing and uncasing firearms. No ammunition will be handled in the safe area.


Craig Canella (828) 312-0138