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JMSpringer 11-05-2020 08:31 AM

CVRPC status, November 2020
I hope everybody is doing well. Here is a brief update of what is going on at CVRPC:

No club meeting in November – If you haven’t already seen it on the club calendar and posted at the sign in shed, there will not be a regular club meeting on Thursday November 5. Please spread the word.

Standard Operating Procedures- the SOP has been revised adding several safety guidelines mainly concerning an Emergency Evacuation procedure (section 16.0) and the addition of dedicated gunshot wound trauma bags. These kits are located in a metal locker located in the clubhouse meeting room affixed to the wall by the breaker panel. The bags are not “boo-boo” kits for general first aid but are to be used by Match Directors and RSO’s during events to have on hand incase of an incident where someone has sustained a gunshot. There will be a sign in/out sheet for these kits located in the club meeting room. The locker does have some basic first aid supplies (Band-Aids, gauze, medical tape, etc.) that will be replenished as required. Training is being coordinated for Match Directors and RSO’s in the use of the components contained in these GSW kits.

Work around the club – there has been work going on around the club:

-gutters have been cleaned at the club house and the building at the 100 yd firing line.

-areas in the roads that were washed out during the recent storms have been repaired.

-the old camper at the 200 yd firing line has been removed.

-trees hanging down along the roads have been trimmed back.

- the heavy winds last week have caused damage to the fence at the entrance gate by pushing a tree down. Bids have been submitted for repair. As this is a security concern for access to the club, these repairs will be made as soon as possible. Other trees that fell around the club have already been removed.

-plans are being made for the fire department to burn the brush pile located at the area of the Skeet Field. They will use this as a training event for their new personnel. A date has not yet been set.

Ranges – Match Directors need to submit their 2021 match events to Craig Canella for approval.

Someone has shot the left side out of bounds post on the 100 yd Rifle Range. Please make sure that you are aware of the boundary markers on the ranges.

Brian White
Secretary CVRPC

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