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Default Local (Taylorsville) Brass Supplier

While looking for some 9mm brass I stumbled upon a local supplier in Taylorsville. Just off Hwy 127 beyond Bethlehem on Bolick Chair Lane. They have fully processed once fired brass ready to load or washed and sorted ready for you to process. I bought 5K rounds for 122.00 out the door. Much better price than any where else I looked and no shipping cost.

East Coast Reloading
126 Bolick Chair Ln
Taylorsville NC 28681

They have tons of brass. There is no store front but the do accept walk-in business. I would call first because it's a 1-2 man operation so they appreciate knowing you are coming by ahead of time. The guy I spoke with is Austin and he was very helpful. He had my order boxed and ready to go when I got there.

The building is non-descript and they occupy the basement level. As you face the building go down the drive to the right side of the building and you will see a roll-up door and a personnel door, you're there.

I am not affiliated with this company, just passing on a good find IMO.

Here is a pic of the brass I bought just FYI.

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