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Old 08-18-2019, 10:42 AM
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Default Range Incident (NOT at CVR&P) (but...!)

Below is not only a OPSEC GOOD REMINDER but, a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why you will NEVER SEE ME "Leave a gun" "on the bench" or, "at the firing line" while we "just" go downrange and paste targets, etc. - or otherwise leave any firearm unattended, in any fashion - EVER!

(Too easy to insert an empty chamber indicator, sling it and maintain control over it (or case it) so total muzzle discipline is achieved)

This occurred yesterday at Cathy's and my old home club (just outside 'Sensitive' and critically 'Restricted' PAX Naval Air Test Station - germinal site of today's USJFCOM drones programs); and, while chances of a nut-job like this charging out of the woods where we are so much happier to be shooting nowadays, well, we would've said, "Nothing like this will ever likely happen here" there, just a year or two ago, either …!

And, it never hurts to keep yer head on a swivel (and a solid eye in the rearview mirror) for the first 3-5 mins of driving away from any range, after shooting (esp. if you plan on stopping anywhere and leaving your vehicle unattended, on your way home).

Mel Brooks was right: "It's A Mad, Mad World" -- and expect things to get REALLY CRAZY 'tween now and Election 2020!

From: Sanners Lake Sportmen's Club <admin@sannerslake>
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2019 9:23 AM
To: Recipients' List Suppressed
Subject: SLSC Shotgun Range Incident of 16 August 2019


1.) On Friday, 16 August 2019 an incident occurred at the SLSC Shotgun range between a member/shooter and a non-member. I believe the non-member is a member of the homeless population in Lexington Park, however that has not been confirmed by Law Enforcement (LE). The member/shooter encountered the non-member who was yelling at him to stop shooting (the member/shooter was shooting an authorized round of skeet). Rather than engage in a further conflict, the SLSC member/shooter broke off the contact, closed the shotgun range and on advice from the Shotgun Director, dialed 911 and reported the incident to Law Enforcement. A few minutes later, both the Vice President and I were notified of the incident and both of us responded to the club grounds. Law Enforcement officials consulted with the Vice President, (and property owner) Mr. William “Billy” Sanner and myself. During this discussion, it was determined that, off of Quatman Road and on Mr. Sanner’s property, there was a contingent of homeless individuals. Along with Law Enforcement, we visited the homeless camp and no trespass papers were served on the individuals present. Unfortunately, the individual involved in the incident was not there at the time. Mr. Sanner stated that all further homeless individuals found on the property would be served with no trespass paperwork and told to leave immediately.

2.) Unfortunately, there is a large homeless contingent within the confines of the Lexington Park area, some of which have taken up residence on Mr. Sanner’s property. This fact has, potentially, a direct and immediate impact on all members of SLSC. As the President, I am going to immediately consult with the elected Board members, however, that may take a bit of time. Until otherwise notified, I am asking that each of you, as members be aware of the situation and recommend the following steps be taken:

a. Always wear your membership badge prominently displayed so other members may know that you are a current member in good standing.
b. Challenge any individual on the club grounds not wearing a badge and respectfully and courteously ask to see their badge.
i. Should they not have a badge, respectfully and courteously ask them to leave. Under no circumstances is this to turn into a conflict. If they refuse to leave, depart the area and call a Board member immediately and keep calling until you get a living, breathing being. Voice mails are not acceptable. Board members contact information is displayed at each range, the clubhouse and on the web site. I emphasize the fact that, under no circumstances is this challenge to turn into a conflict under any circumstances. Let the elected Board members provide the direction and that direction may be to call 911 and ask for Law Enforcement assistance.
c. If you are on SLSC grounds as an authorized member, please observe the following:
i. Keep your cell phone within arm’s reach
ii. Lock your vehicle
iii. Stay aware of your surroundings while you are shooting or participating in an event.
d. If you come out during the evening hours to shoot or attend meetings, try to come out with another member or guest.

3.) At this time, we do not believe the circumstances to pose an imminent or immediate threat to any of our members, however I am most strongly recommending that you implement the above “common sense” recommendations and report anything you deem “unusual” to a Board member. Again, I cannot over-emphasize avoiding a conflicted encounter. Walk away to a safe area, contact a Board member and wait for direction.

Michael “Doc” Holliday, President, Sanner’s Lake Sportsman’s Club, Inc.
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