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Old 02-23-2020, 02:59 PM
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Talking High Power Rifle


Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club held its first High Power Rifle Match in several years today. After a winter storm blew into the Catawba Valley just 36 hours before the Match competitors arrived at the range greeted by a cool 26 degrees.
The day began sunny and slowly warmed throughout the day.

We had 8 competitors shoot the match with a few spectators.
The match was geared for the “New to Matches” shooter.
We had 4 of 8 who were new to matches!

The match was a all Prone Match to exercise the fundamentals in the prone position. It was the very first time for some shooting with match rifles, coats and gloves! We are looking forward to many more HP Matches in the near future!

1. Slow fire- 10 shots 225 yards (200 yard line under water)
2. Rapid fire – 10 shots 225 yards. 2 strings of 10.
3. Rapid fire – 10 shots 300 yards. 2 strings of 10.
4. Slow fire- 10 shots 300 yards
Total of 600 aggregate.
1. Dwayne Lewis 589 26x Match Rifle CVO Red Hat
2. Ken Lore 585 25x Service Rifle (AR) CVWC
3. Cameron McWhirter 572 8x Service Rifle (AR) CVO Red Hat
4. Rodney Abbott 565 11x Service Rifle (AR) CVO Red Hat
5. Allan Apperson 521 7x Service Rifle (AR) CVO Grey Hat (New)
6. Andy Carrick 478 2x Service Rifle (AR) CVO Grey Hat (New)
7. Owen Dwire 431 1x Service Rifle (M1 Garand) CVR&PC
8. Dean Taylor 253 Service Rifle (M1 Garand) Guest

Ken, Allan, and Owen received competitor awards donated by Camp Valor Outdoors

Match Director/CRSO – Randy Randolph CVO Grey Hat
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Old 02-23-2020, 05:37 PM
randy7971 randy7971 is offline
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Next HP matches are:

June 27th
Aug 29th
Oct 24th

Course of fire TBA
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Old 06-12-2020, 09:58 PM
randy7971 randy7971 is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2020
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27 June 2020, 4457 Rifle Range Rd, Conover, NC 28613
Matches are open to members and non-members.
$15 Dollar Registration Fee
Registration at the Rifle Range Pitts 7:15 am.
Match begins at 8 am.

Match will be for Service Rifle, Match Rifle & Any Rifle

Match will be Standard NRA 800 Aggregate Matches (80 record shots)

(2 sighters 2 minutes each stage)
Stage 1 Standing 200 yards, 20 shots/20 minutes
Stage 2 Sitting/kneeling 200 yds Rapid Fire 20 shots 10 shots in 60 seconds
Stage 3 Prone 300 yards Rapid Fire 20 shots 10 shots in 60 seconds
Stage 4 Prone 300/600 yards Slow Fire 20 shots/20 minutes (reduced target)

Call Randy Randolph for questions: 828-442-3178
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Old 06-21-2020, 11:33 PM
thor_sen thor_sen is offline
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Looking forward to shooting some service rifle Randy, Thank You again for taking such a Lead on this.

In case it assists any others, I came across an old reference I’ve relied on in the past for packing ahead of Match Day (below is pretty extensive and I only pack half of what Mr. Poole travels with):

Bill Poole, several years old, updated Dec-99.

This is a list of equipment that is needed or useful for shooting in High Power Rifle Competitions, including National Match Course, Regional Match Course, Palma Match or Long Range. Most of the gear is usable in smallbore competition too.

Everything goes in or on my stool and to the line, except for *

Most everything lives in the stool in the garage, except for ammo stays inside, food & water goes in the night before and the gun lives in the safe.


RIFLE CASE (hard for long drives*, soft for the range)
rifle, M1A, AR-15, M1 (or match rifle)
sling on rifle
cleaning rod *
Open Bolt indicator Flag in rifle
Sight covers, on sights

Stored in shooting STOOL
Shooting Stool
ear protection, plugs & muffs
eye protection, with blinders
hat (I use a hat with side blinders for shooting, and wear a different one between)
score book
3 magazines
cartridge holder (pocket) for standing
wind gauge/chart
(adhesive) I don't use this anymore
sight black
broken shell extr.
eye drops
brass bag (a tied up plastic grocery bag - several are always in the stool)
rain gear for stool and bungees to hold it in place (seasonally)
sun glasses (I also have a pair on my belt or my face when I'm scoring or in the pits)
club membership card, (taped inside my score book)
NRA classification card.(taped inside my score book)
NRA Highpower Rifle Rules book
screw driver, allen wrenches
magnifying glass
Entry Fee money
Challenge fee money
water canteen
Score cards if issued in advance
pad of paper, business cards

AMMO (in stool)
(58 or 88 rds, + minimum 10 spares for rapid a a couple for slow.)

Additional items:

Shooting MAT
spotting scope
scope stand
extensions for scope stand
soft case to carry rifle around range.

At Perry, I started carrying a backpack to the pits.

Ear protection
Eye protection (sun glasses & clear glasses if cloudy)
Water, Gatoraid, iced tea
Food (tuna fish kit for lunch, something for a snack)
paper towels
spare contact lenses
shot hole plugs
Rules for rapid fire excessive/insufficient hit scoring (has anyone ever memorized that?!?)
magnifying glass (to search for doubles)
bungee cord (to pull the score board tight)
Rain gear for me


spare contact lenses or glasses
spare magazines
spare sling
spare ammo
Cleaning acces.
spare firing pins
M14/M1/M16 tools
target pasters (usually the club supplies, but I often have some with me just in case.)
work gloves

Spare rifle
Ammo for it
Clips for it

rod, 1 piece, coated
jag (I now use an undersized nylon brush for a jag)
Muzzle protector / rod guide
brush don't use that anymore
Hoppes #9
(don't use Sweet's anymore)
Rem Bore Cleaner
Paper towels
Vice to mount the rifle in while cleaning
Cleaning tools
Additional ear protection for guests. *
Reloading gear at home *
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Old 06-24-2020, 07:47 PM
randy7971 randy7971 is offline
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The match for Saturday 27 June is Cancelled. NC is under a mask required as of Friday evening.
August and October matches still on the schedule! Pass the word.
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Old 08-07-2020, 10:14 AM
randy7971 randy7971 is offline
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See the club news for update on the August 29 match. It is a GO!
Hope to have plenty of new shooter's.
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